Corporate Culture

[Rong Forging Slogan] Weide brand dedicates thousands of tons of power with high-quality products, and Rongcheng Forging Press sincerely creates brilliance with you
[Rong Forging Spirit] Efficient, united, pragmatic, hardworking, innovative

"Rong Forging Style": Emancipate the mind, keep pace with the times, do not use cliches, do not pursue forms, do not work when ineffective, and do not use falsehood.

[Work ideas] Seize opportunities and take big steps in reform and innovation; Strict management, striving to achieve great success.

[Corporate Governance Strategy] People oriented, agglomerating the hearts of employees; Governing enterprises according to law and standardizing enterprise behavior; Governing the enterprise with morality and pursuing a lofty realm; Governing enterprises with brands and creating international brands; Manage the enterprise with efficiency and enhance the company's strength.

[Employee image] Hardworking, honest and trustworthy, dedicated and innovative.

"Talent Concept" In RongForge, as long as you have the ability, expertise, and hard work, there is a world for your development.

[Quality philosophy] High quality products are made by excellent people.

[Business philosophy] A great family demeanor, committed to eternity, striving for innovation, and serving the society.

[Market Philosophy] Today's quality is tomorrow's market, the reputation of an enterprise is an intangible market, and user satisfaction is an eternal market.

[Management philosophy] Strict, meticulous, practical, and constant

[Survival Philosophy] The more successful we are, the easier it is to fail; We are always only one step away from failure

[Competition Concept] When meeting through narrow paths, the brave win, and when the brave meet, the wise win; Rong Forging is always five minutes faster than his opponent.