Machine Tool Association organized the annual meeting of the user contact network successfully held in Beijing

On March 9, 2018, the 2018 User Liaison Network Annual Meeting, hosted by China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, was held in Beijing. As a platform for inter-industry communication and exchange, the User Contact Network Annual Conference, founded in 1999, has played a good role in promoting inter-industry cooperation and development, and has therefore received more and more attention and support from colleagues inside and outside the industry. The conference attracted more than one hundred representatives from more than 20 industries such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, weapons, shipping, environmental protection machinery, molds, electronics, railroads, general machinery, electric power, heavy machinery, internal combustion engines, liquid gas seal, coal mining machinery, engineering machinery, bearings, gears, plastic machinery, textile machinery, maintenance and renovation, agricultural machinery, metallurgy, etc. Some sister associations, universities and colleges and Representatives of professional media also attended the meeting. The meeting also invited several machine tool industry enterprises and part of the machine tool association branch representatives to participate in the exchange. China Machine Tool Industry Association Mao Youfeng, Executive Vice President, Wang Liming, Secretary General attended the meeting, the meeting was chaired by Wang Liming and delivered a welcome speech.


The meeting is still to exchange and communication, win-win cooperation, close industry and supply and demand between the basic purpose, around the "exchange and cooperation, innovation and development" theme, to jointly study and discuss the new situation of the road to development. Wang Liming pointed out in his speech that machine tools as basic equipment, in the national economy and national defense construction plays an important role in supporting the development of the machine tool industry, can not be separated from the support and help of the user industry. We sincerely hope that all participants can make full use of the user contact network as a platform for extensive and in-depth exchanges, and strive to enlighten, gain and help the work of the new year.

The conference consisted of comprehensive report, special report, typical case sharing, technical lectures, exchange of speeches and several other topics. Tu Jingxian, Director of Marketing Department of China Machine Tool Industry Association, first gave a comprehensive report to the conference, summarizing the work of the User Contact Network in 2017 and informing the economic operation situation of the industry. When introducing the basic information of the upcoming 10th China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2018), he mentioned in particular the newly launched microsite, which is a new service tool developed by China Machine Tool & Tool Association for the current mainstream communication and reading methods, set in the bottom menu of the WeChat subscription number and service number of the Machine Tool Association (scan the QR code at the end of the article to add attention), exhibitors and visitors can easily and Exhibitors and visitors can easily and quickly access the exhibitors, exhibits and other related information of CCMT2018 on their cell phones.


In the special report session, Zhou Minsen, expert of Marketing Department, and Li Lei, deputy director, introduced the exhibits highlights of CCMT2018 and the new technologies and products displayed in EMO2017, summarized and outlined the numerous exhibits of CCMT2018, and summarized the latest technology development trend presented in EMO, which won the unanimous praise of the participants.

The sharing of typical cases was a new way of communication in this conference. The project of "key technology and industrialization of high performance CNC system", which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2017, was jointly introduced by the supply and demand parties. Zhou Jinqiang, deputy director of Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing General Co., Ltd. introduced the demonstration application of domestic CNC machine tools, and representatives of Shanghai Topo CNC Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced their respective technologies and equipment features. Zhou Jinqiang said that the aerospace field of parts manufacturing on the machine tool requirements are very high, domestic CNC machine tools in the demonstration application process reflects the quality and reliability have been further improved. He also put forward the new demand for domestic CNC equipment in the future.

Professor Wang Dequan of Dalian University of Technology made a technical report entitled "intelligent manufacturing to achieve enterprise transformation and enhance enterprise value", introducing intelligent technology from several perspectives, such as product design, manufacturing and service.

Ltd. introduced their beneficial attempts in intelligent manufacturing and related intelligent equipment, indicating that the company is creating flexible intelligent manufacturing solutions with modular design to meet the individual needs of users. Manager Wang Erjie of Zhejiang Heidemann Machine Tool Co., Ltd. introduced Heidemann's intelligent equipment and its technical features. Liu Zongyi, chairman of the Machine Tool Association's distributor branch, introduced the main work carried out by the branch in the past two years since its establishment and the many attempts made, and said that in the new era, distributors should also develop from simple sellers to service providers.

During the free speech and exchange period, user representatives from the fields of automotive, aerospace and mold spoke enthusiastically and gave full affirmation to the work of the user contact network, introduced the basic situation of enterprises in their respective industries, and expressed their intention to communicate and cooperate more closely with the machine tool industry, and strive to make new contributions in the localization of equipment in key areas together.

Finally, Mao Youfeng, executive vice president of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, made a concluding speech, briefly summarized the content of the conference delegates' speeches, emphasized the responsibilities of the industry association, and said that strengthening the communication between the machine tool industry and users is the original purpose and motivation of organizing the user contact network, and hoped that the user field will continue to pay attention to the latest development of the machine tool industry, and sincerely invited the delegates to come to CCMT2018 from April 9-13. CCMT2018.

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