Shenyang Machine Tool and Fuda reached a strategic cooperation on intelligent manufacturing

Recently, Fuda and Shenyang Machine Tool Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in intelligent manufacturing in the conference room of Fuda Holdings Group office building.


Ltd. is an enterprise which provides intelligent special equipment and complete sets of flexible automatic production lines for auto parts processing and assembly in the automotive industry, with independent legal personality, and is an enterprise which is "customer-oriented, guided by technological progress, with new, special, specialized, high precision, high efficiency, automatic and intelligent products as The purpose of the enterprise. The company has the ability of project whole line contracting and turnkey project, and has provided more than 30 production lines for nearly 20 enterprises. Its products fill the gaps in China and are in the leading position in China.

The signing, Fuda shares and Shenyang Machine Tool Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. reached an agreement on the intelligent manufacturing product strategy, and jointly promote the application and promotion of intelligent manufacturing process and equipment technology for auto parts, to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation.

Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in May 1993 by the joint initiative of Shenyang First Machine Tool Factory, Zhongjie Friendship Factory, Shenyang Third Machine Tool Factory and Liaoning Precision Instrument Factory, and was approved by Shenyang Economic System Reform Commission, Shenyang City, as a joint-stock enterprise under Document No. 199231. As a leading enterprise in the domestic machine tool industry, Shenyang Machine Tool has a complete range of products, with the ability to provide complete sets of equipment for national key projects, and its CNC machine tool technology is in the leading position in China, and has now become the world's largest producer of CNC gold cutting machine tools.

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